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Organisation's are pivoting from response mode to recovery mode. Only a resilient workforce can help organisations thrive in the new normal. S10.Work helps organisations to implement a proactive approach to health issues of employee by avoiding infection, preventing non communicable diseases and promoting a culture of wellbeing. S10.Work built using latest scientific evidence combined with expert opinion from business leaders delivers the best and promising results.

Improve health of employees | Keep employee safe | Increase productivity | Positive return on investment

Screening - "Fit to return to work" after lockdown

Data-driven decisions for safe return-to-work policies. Get a direct line of sight into workforce health, risks and behavioural insights to form work strategies and support legal return-to-work requirements. Prebuilt screening plans for "Fit to return to work" screening has the following parameters to be assessed for every employee.

  1. Demography - Age, sex and employment
  2. History
    1. Contact history - 14 day contact history
      Contact with a proven COVID patient or one of the household members having proven COVID
      • Contact with sick at home, workplace or travel
      • Travel to hotspots ( Domestic or international)
      • Presence in a crowded place - social gatherings, religious gatherings, functions etc.
      • Residence of stay in Containment Area
    2. Family
      • Living with family members who are above 65 year with known co-morbidity
      • Having children less than 6 years old
  3. Known Co-morbidity
  4. Current health tracking
    1. Infection indicators - Fever, Sore Throat, fatigue, Cough, Breathlessness, Running Nose, Headache, Chills, Myalgia, Diarrhoea, Conjunctivitis, Nausea/Vomiting, Loss of taste/smell
    2. Vitals - SPO2, Heart rate, Respiratory rate , temperature
    3. Metabolic factors - Blood pressure, Random blood sugar and body weight

S10.Work can also help organisation administer these screening through their preventive healthcare clinic - S10 Health SafeCare Clinic. The clinical preventive screening plans help with the following results:

Result provided

Mobile App for Self-monitoring of health

Data-driven member health profile- A central place for employee "fit to return" screening data, daily self monitoring, earned rewards and device integrations

Measure and understand your complete health- Screening result provides the current health situation and health coaches educate them about the risks and the way forward. Health trend analysis - weekly, monthly, annually

Establish goals and personalise your plan- Based on the findings and health goal, personalised daily action plan that influence the epigenetics positively is provided

Personalized, engaging health journey- A timeline view of member program activities, upcoming appointments and recommended content to support ongoing health

Monitor progress- Feel improvement and review new goals with scientifically designed plans that provide the desired outcomes

Personalized communications and targeted campaigns- Personalized communications based on member health objectives, profiles and in-app activities, plus health campaigns tied to your goals

An ecosystem of health programs and partners- Comprehensive evidence-based programs developed with industry leaders to promote and reward positive behavioural change

Virtual monitoring of employee with symptoms

If an employee develops symptoms at office the doctors / Clinicians of S10 Health Safecare clinic can remotely monitor vitals of the subject through the remote wrist wearable which tracks four vital signs (Pulse rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, skin temperature) wirelessly to monitor the isolated suspects and the measured data are pushed to Monitoring mobile app through Bluetooth Low Energy; from the app, the data is pushed to the cloud through WI-FI/mobile data. It is the perfect platform for automated and continual monitoring of leading indicators of COVID-19.

Key Features: Operating model:

Every time a patient is isolated, he/she is provided with the remote monitoring pack consisting of the mobile phone (optional) and wearable. On invoking the emergency help button the doctor is alerted.

Workplace protection

Making environment both physical and virtual supportive of voiding disease and promising a culture of wellbeing

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